PRAKTIFANT was created in 2015 by Charlotte Talbot , industrial designer and mom of a boy born in 2016. She has her own wooden animal collection found on flea market or online. She loves them so much she decided to share them with you by reediting some of them or simply creating new one.

If you like an object you will keep it your all life, give it to your children or offer it to your family and friends. We hope our products will inspire you, that you will play with them, invent stories and keep them near to you.

All our wooden animal are produced by a craftman in Croatia. Since 1999, he and his family are making eco-friendly wooden animals. The PRAKTIFANT animals are then send to Munich, Germany to be painted by hand with care & love. 

The PRAKTIFANT's family welcome new members each year. In 2017 we created with some designers new exclusive posters. They are printed with passion and attention by Herr und Frau Rio in Munich, Germany. 

2019 is the the year of playful fashion accessories with scarves, pouches and patches designed by us and produced in Germany.